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Odor Removal 
Ozone Generator (Total Odor Elimination)

A&K Detailing Service has solved the problem that has plagued vehicle owners for years. How to get rid of those awful smells inside of your vehicle. We have time tested this process and we are satisfied we have found the answer.

The Ozone Generator, or "The Lightning Storm In A Box" produces the same results as a good thunder storm. Have you ever noticed how fresh and clean the air smells after a storm? This is because that is natures way of creating ozone (the O3 molecule) that keeps our air clean by Sterilization. By using the Ozone Generator we are able to eliminate any smells that have occurred in your vehicles Interior by this Sterilization process. It has been known to completely remove the odor of Skunk in tests!

This process is not a mask. It does not just cover up the smell with a fragrance like chemical sprays or foggers. It Eliminates It!

This is ideal for Smoke, Pets, Musty or Mildew smells and is successful with even heavier smells than these.

The Cost of having this process done is $49.95 and it takes about 4 hours. Stronger smells may take longer or even require repeat applications. This is all included in the original $49.95 price. The cost is cut in half if you have the Interior detailed first.

Please note that although Ozone is the most effective way known to remove odor, There is no guarantee. That is why we will always recommend Interior detailing first. The reason for this is that whatever is causing the odor needs to be removed first or the smell will return. Normally if the source of the odor can be identified and cleaned, the odor that consumed your vehicle can then be eliminated.

Chemical Sprays and Dry Fogs
The uses of these products are a quick, cost-effective way of removing or masking odor. We have a variety of Dry Fog scents available depending on your preference, that are sprayed into the vehicle interior. We also have a product that can be sprayed directly into the evaporator core that will eliminate some molds, and mildew and smoke smells in your heating and A/C unit ductwork. This product does not have a flavored scent.

At between $10-15.00 per application, these can be inexpensive alternatives, Especially when selling your vehicle.

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